For tenants is the tenancy protection, for landlords, however, the landlord right protection enormously important. Anyone who lives or rents to rent can quickly get into disputes that end up in court, such as termination due to personal use, rent arrears or high utility bills. Without tenancy protection or landlord legal protection, the dispute with the landlord or tenant can be very expensive.

Is the tenancy protection meaningful?

If there are conflicts with the neighbors or disputes with the landlord , many tenants usually do not know how to defend themselves. Although there are contact points such as tenant associations that can advise tenants on their problems. In many cases, however, only a lawyer helps to resolve the dispute. But a lawyer is not exactly cheap. In addition, the legal dispute can result in extensive legal costs. In addition, if tenants lose in court, they have to bear not only their own but also their opponent’s costs.

Rental property protection protects against this high financial burden . Disputes are also insured in connection with the house or apartment and associated garages and other parking spaces.

Depending on the legal expenses insurance, for example:

✓ Lawyer and litigation costs in housing and tax law
✓ Out-of-court activities of the lawyer
✓ Legal protection in disputes with craftsmen

Despite the extensive benefits of the tenancy protection is not expensive . In combination with private law protection, insurance coverage starts at around 14 euros per month.

Legal protection for landlords

While tenants can secure themselves with the protection of tenancy law, the landlord right protection is directed at persons who rent out residential units. Especially landlords who are dealing with unreliable tenants, know what problems arise through, for example, for outstanding payments . Even if landlords want to terminate the lease because of their own needs and defend tenants, any costs incurred for legal disputes with the legal protection are cushioned.

The insurance usually covers five areas: housing and property rights protection, criminal law protection, tax legal protection, misdemeanor legal protection and compensation for legal damages. Depending on the legal expenses insurance, landlords can rely on different services . These include:

✓ Protection against loss of rental
✓ Takeover for costs to enforce an eviction notice
✓ disputes with artisans

How sensible is the tenancy protection

Disputes about your own home or your own home are often not only associated with much annoyance , but also with a high financial outlay . Anyone who can afford a good legal protection insurance as a tenant or landlord saves enormous costs in the event of a conflict. The protection of tenancy rights or the protection of tenants’ leases is sensible only because insured persons receive professional support from the insurer in the event of a legal dispute – and in many cases even before that.

Legal protection without waiting

Normally, customers who conclude a legal expenses insurance with tenancy protection or landlord legal protection, only after a waiting period of at least three months to claim the contractually agreed services of their insurance. Although insurance premiums are due during this period, the insurance company is not yet obliged to provide legal protection for the policyholder.

Some insurers even have a longer waiting period, others offer an additional charge but also a legal protection without waiting. However, the insurance usually does not pay if the dispute existed prior to the conclusion of the insurance contract.

Benefits of legal expenses insurance

The insurance for attorney’s fees, court costs and costs of the opposing side jumps in both the tenancy protection and the landlord legal protection, if the insured must take over these. In addition, fees for experts, appraisers and notaries as well as witness money are secured.

Tenancy insurance insurances in the test

The different legal expenses insurance on the market differ not only in price, but above all in terms of the services that customers receive before and during a dispute with the tenant or landlord. In addition, the insurance companies offer different contract terms and often also different services.

In order to find the tenancy protection that best suits the individual wishes, tests that compare the advantages and disadvantages of individual rates help each other out. One of the most well-known institutions is the Stiftung Warentest , which regularly feels the legal expenses insurance on the tooth. Interested parties can find out about current test winners on the page “Legal expenses insurance test”.

Comparison of tariffs

Rental and landlord protection are only two important elements of legal expenses insurance. In addition, it makes sense to protect oneself from the financial consequences of a legal dispute, even in private and professional areas. With the right legal protection insurance policy insureds are not only very well secured, but can also look forward to relaxed judicial disputes . After all, they do not have to worry about high costs for the lawyer and Co.

Since the legal expenses insurance varies in terms of benefits and contributions , it is advisable to compare different rates before concluding the insurance. With the rate calculator, interested parties can quickly and easily get an overview of a large number of legal expenses insurance policies.