Discover through this guide examples of loan consolidation, customer testimonials and tips for making a successful purchase of credits.

The guide of the repurchase of credit: inform and advise

loan consolidation

The purpose of this guide is to provide clear answers to Internet users interested in loan redemption and loan consolidation, two separate transactions that propose to buy one or more loans in repayment to review the terms of repayment. If the repurchase of credit proposes to renegotiate the rate with a new lender, the grouping of loans favors the decrease of monthly installment thanks to a lengthening of the duration of repayment. These operations are proposed “tailor-made” to the borrowers, that is to say that the financial analysis in charge of instructing the file will be in charge of studying the feasibility of the financing by ensuring on one side to respect the needs of the borrower and the other to find a feasibility within its financial products, or with those of its banking partners as part of a bank intermediation.

What can I find in this guide?

Several elements are classified in this guide, first and foremost they are the most frequently asked questions that can be found on the loan buyback market. The interest is to centralize the questions of Internet users, borrowers or even customers who have obtained their funding to offer advice, tips or information. Second, credit union market news is also included in this guide. You can also view an example of a loan buyback or browse financial advice and practical information, two essential categories for finding information about a specific situation. Finally, a file on the mortgage has been developed to provide specific answers to borrowers interested in the purchase of mortgage credit, a theme that raises questions from households.

  Our financial tools for calculation

  • Calculation of monthly payments
  • Calculation of borrowing capacity
  • Rate calculation
  • Calculate a loan amount
  • Depreciation table
  • Credit redemption simulation

Little Nell provides you with calculation tools to perform loan simulations, loan capacity or even amortization schedules. These tools are freely accessible at any time, whether on a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Calculation tools


  The definitions of lexicon

  • Nominal face rate
  • UNICEF: European standardized information sheet
  • Loi Duflot
  • AFUB
  • Legal interest rate
  • Joint account
  • Preferred Praetor
  • Subordinated debt

Finance often uses terms not always obvious, so it’s important to be able to understand these terms through a lexicon. Little Nell provides all Internet users with a complete financial lexicon.

  Financial advice

  Financial advice

  • Everything that changes from May 1, 2019
  • Bank: pay online using the thumb or retina will become a standard
  • Is it possible to obtain a mortgage without having a permanent contract?
  • Instant bank transfer continues to grow in 2019
  • Profile of the borrowers: at each age its mortgage
  • Finance your credit 100% online
  • The purchase of credit a tool poorly known entrepreneurs
  • All that changes for households as of April 1, 2019

Through its status as a bank intermediary, Little Nell provides Internet users with advice on financing. These articles make it possible to leave the framework of the regrouping of credits and to benefit from advice and practical information.

  Credit Redemption: Questions / Answers

  • Which papers for a mortgage repurchase?
  • How to write a request for credit redemption?
  • Redemption of credits: what rate?
  • Can we buy back a loan buyback?
  • Credit buyback who to trust?
  • Can we renegotiate consumer credit?
  • What is a request for a part (s) of complementary (s) in repurchase of credit?
  • Credit redemption, complicated to put in place?
  • Redemption of credits, what is the process?
  • Buyback credits, it’s only for individuals?
  • Who refunds the credits during a credit redemption?
  • Loan buyback, can the bank retract?
  • Repurchase of credits, do you have to change your bank?
  • What happens to my information?
  • Can one prepay one’s credit?
  • Can I get a 2nd credit redemption?
  • Why use an intermediary in bank operations (BIO)?
  • Repurchase of FICP credit, am I entitled to the redemption of credits?
  • My spouse has no income. Should he still be the co-borrower?
  • Credit grouping, it’s only for over-indebtedness?